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1. We learned in lecture that the nine-tailed fox is usually attributed to the Tu-Shan girl, wife of Yu the Great or even the Tu-Shan tribe as a figure of worship and auspiciousness. In the reading however, it states that “Whoever eats it will be protected against insect-poison (gu).” While eating this sacred animal would clearly protect the person, would it not also bring them bad luck for harming it?

2. In the story of Chang Hua and the fox, it is hard to determine what the moral is.  The fox was obviously very smart, but because he was young, Chang Hua was suspicious that he was a fox. This could be a way that people legitimized gate-keeping high scholarly positions from younger people. However, at the same time, the fox makes a good argument, saying that if you become suspicious of anyone just because they are smarter (better) than you, everyone would keep to themselves for fear of suspicion. So what is the main takeaway from the story?

3. We know how foxes are cunning and smart, but Ren also seems to know some very detailed information. Are foxes known to be able to tell the future or see into people’s minds? Otherwise, how would she have known about the horse and the exact price it would sell for?

select two questions and answer them. No less than 100words

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