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Analyze the readings from critical and creative thinking; then explain the importance of critical thinking (L103) and creative thinking (L104) to a sergeant major and how the sergeant major should incorporate the concepts to solve problems within an organization.

As you consider your response, things that may help you are to consider defining critical thinking while incorporating some of the Elements of Thought and Intellectual standards. Also, consider how cognitive biases and mental models affect the sergeant major’s ability to solve problems. At the end of your response, illustrate an example (Clarity) to support your work.

InstructionsPost a substantial initial response, with at least 2 cited sources and a minimum of 500 words, to the topic above.

Post should be:

· Typed

· Double Spaced the entire paper IAW APA 7th Edition 20

· Standard-sized paper (8.5″ x 11″)

· 1″ margins on all sides

· Size 12 pt. Times New Roman font

· Use flush-left alignment and ragged right; do not divide words at the end of the line.

· Indent paragraphs five spaces (Set the tab key)

· Use one space at the end of a sentence.

· Abbreviations: The first time you use a term, spell it out in full, followed by its abbreviation in parentheses; thereafter, you may use the abbreviation only.