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Implementation of LSS – Success or Failure (choose one)

You will review articles or a brief case of a company who has been successful or failing in Lean, Six Sigma, or Lean Six Sigma implementation. In your writing, you will provide at least one selected business and indicate these major items:

–       Introduction of selected business and its products/services

–   Describe LSS goals, values, and its impact to this selected business

–       Explain the process and how this business implemented the Lean, Six Sigma, or Lean Six Sigma to its success or failure.

–       Summarizing tools and applications used in the process

–       Your thoughts (critique) on the article/case

–       Reference, APA style 6th or the latest  edition.

Your writing should be 2 pages (Time NW, 12, single space). 

The article review should include your name, title, keywords or new vocabulary, reference, article summary, and your opinions of the article. Check the attachment which is a sample document of format 

All the answers should be in APA 6th edition with references and in-text citations any plagiarism is considered zero.