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Quality Conference Simulation

Identify a Quality Management Conference that you are able to participate in virtually during the semester or if you do not have one, pretend (simulate) that you are preparing to attend a quality conference. The purpose of attending to a conference is networking, and to learn and exchange knowledge with professionals in the field of quality, production, and business. Your assignment is to create four (4) questions that can be used for expert panel discussion. To create good questions, I wanted you to think that you are a student with Lean Six Sigma certificate program, or quality manager/quality technician/production engineer; the questions should be well-written with correct grammar, practical for the workplace. The questions could be related to performance excellence, continuous improvement, quality practices, Baldrige award, and other quality management practices. As a student,  you can also research about job opportunity, career growth, pay scale, and others.
If you want to know answers for specific industry (e.g. automotive, restaurant, healthcare, manufacturing, education, government, services,), make sure that you stated it in your question